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Dongguan Haiying Cutting Tools Ltd.

Dongguan Haiying Cutting Tools Ltd.

Dongguan Haiying Cutting Tools Ltd. is professional manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutter since2010,

We are in business to provide our customers with high quality, cost-effective products and services.We take great pride in our business and serving our customers.we have built our business over the past years with a “customer first” approach. And already become a well-known manufactures of carbide cutter. As the business has evolved,we have continually expanded our product and service,we have introduced several sets CNC tool grinding machines and advanced tool testing equipment from oversea and established the base of domestic advanced CNC development and production.All cutting tools are adopted the importer the material of ultra,micro,grain tungsten steel.

 Our product line include:Engraving bits, milling tools; Wood bits; Aluminum milling cutter;Diamond and stone cutting tools; End mill Cutter;Ball cutter;Ball nose cutter; Tool holder; Collet and clamp nut; PCD endmill cutters; PCB endmill cutters.They are widely used in carving/cutting/engraving/roughing/milling in materials like acrylic, MDF, density board, wood, hardwood, ABS, PVC, PS,PVC expansion sheet, solid wood, plastics,stone, organic board and aluminum and metal sheet etc. Suitable for the industry of metal processing, advertising carving,wood processing,craftwork, electronics, furniture,CNC machine tool processing, industrial manufacture, model and PC,PM MA lens processing etc.

We at Dongguan Haiying Cutting Tools Ltd. Value and nurture long-term relationships, and we look forward to wording with you.



Make the tool with high quality, High efficiency, high precision, High hardness ,perfect cutting

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